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Mar 13, 2010
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I gotta 1 gal. batch going and after 1 month I racked it to another jug and refit my airlock. My questions are: Do I need to top this off ? Also, after a taste test it turned out pretty dry so how much sugar should I use to back sweeten. I know this is gonna be a personal taste thing but I still need a basis on how much. I think it`ll turn out pretty good after I bottle and let it sit for a few months. I`m planning on a 5gal. batch if she turns out good.

Burch :dg
You need to top up all wines. As far as sugar goes I couldnt tell you as I always make up a full gallon of simple syrup and what ever I dont use I keep in the fridge. If I were you Id use a hydrometer, make up a simple syrup consisting of 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup of boiling water and once its cooled down slowly add it to your wine tasting very often and then make a note with your hydro of where you like it so that you have a clue on your next wine but this will vary from wine to wine.
Hi Burch,

I made a gallon jug of the Welchs Niagara, this is what I did and it came out very good.

3 cans welchs niagrag
1 cup of sugar (sg 1.090)
1 tsp yeast nutrient
water to 1 gallon
yeast 71b 1122
Acid was .675%
racked, k-meta & sorbate, backsweeten to 1.020, I wanted to backsweeten to 1.010 but I added too much sugar. I pulled juice out of the gallon and added sugar to that instead of a simple syrup, this is just my personal preference. I normally do this before it is completely clear. I was shooting for 1.010 but added to much sugar. If you do it this way, start with one cup of sugar to enough wine to disolve, warm it up but do not boil, let it cool and add back. Stir, then take an sg reading, if you are close take enough juice out and add 1/2 cup of sugar, process like before and take a reading. I was impatient and did not stir the wine well enough and added too much sugar the second time around but it was still very tasty. Niagara I think is good as a sweet wine.
How long should I wait to backsweeten after i`ve racked & stabilized ?