water from airlock went into wine. help

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Dec 20, 2008
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went to bottle my shiraz today. i had it in the garage in the carboy. it was there for two weeks with the airlock that was filled with water....

had a problem. when i went to move the carboy. the water in the airlock went into the wine. that water had been sitting for two weeks in the airlock in the garage.

will this cause a problem for my wine? did i just spoil a whole batch?

what should i do?
Was it plain water or was it water with some sulphite in it ???

If the wine itself also has been protected with sulphite I would not worry to much.
Otherwise add some sulphite (campden) to it and you will be fine.



it was plain water that was in the airlock. that is why i am worried. becuase it must have taken on some bacteria in the garage in the two weeks?

i added a 1/4 tsp of potasium metasulphite to the wine before i bottled it..\

will the potasium metasulphite kill any bacteria if any got in? i only added the 1/4 tsp like suggested to preserve the wine.
You will be alright, this is a pretty common thing, Im guessing you have a plastic carboy!
plastic carboy

yes. i have a plastic carboy.

being in the garage/. do you think the airlock got any bacteria?
I highly dought it in that short of time but please use sulfited water from now on especially with a container so vulnerable as that.
Before moving a plastic carboy, I prevent this by removing the inner cap if using a barrel airlock, or by temporarily removing the airlock or cover itself. It's much worse when the liquid in the airlock is a couple months old with fruit fly bodies floating around. But my rule of thumb is to get it out of plastic after a week or two and into glass for anything longer term anyway.
yes. i have a plastic carboy.

being in the garage/. do you think the airlock got any bacteria?

Probably not, in Canada in February, unless you have a bunch of rotting garbage or dead bodies out there.

Actually, the kitchen is probably worse than the garage (generally speaking) for bacterial contaminations because of all the surfaces that directly or indirectly come in contact with food.

Next time fill the airlock with Alcool, vodka, or stock sulphite solution.
ok. how much sulphite should i add to the water in the airlock??????????

so i should be alright the with the wine? nothing to worry about??????? only thing that i have in the garage is my wine... some tools..... and a pool that is full of my koi fish... keeping them for the winter..

Your wine should be alright. Just use your sanitizing solution to fill the air lock from now on.
A pinch. This is the maximum amount that can fit between your fingers. If it's more or less, not to worry. I mean even using pure water isn't going to kill your wine. This is something I don't worry much about. Others here may disagree.
yeah, perfect thanks. i was just worried becuase it was in the garage for the two weeks.

why are sulphites used as both sanitizers and preseratives.
I would personally take the majority of responses I have seen regarding this. Buy a bottle of vodka, fill the airlock with vodka, i'm not sure what you can do with the rest of the vodka. Maybe make a ton of wine..or learn to speak Russian, then invite your friends over! I speak a little "pah-rooskie" myself maybe I could help out.
(as Sarah Palin said, "On a clear day I can see Russia from my house")
yeah whatever

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