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Jan 13, 2015
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Man, made the Walla Walla Cab Merlot about two years ago and I've got only five bottles left. Can't keep my wife's hands off of it. Guess it's time for another batch, will hide the remaining bottles. What a great kit. We r drinking one now and it's phenomenal.
Good to know. I've been on the fence to try this one so I think I'll grab it this week.
Got this one on deck, waiting for some free time and a free carboy.
Reminds me of the ole Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon that CC used to make. By far one of the best (if not the absolute best) red wine kit I've ever made! CC Showcase kits have always seemed to have a great reputation for quality.
I have this waiting patiently for a carboy too. I hope to start it up at the end of this month.
I just hope its better than the Yakima Syrah. That had rave reviews and has thus far been a huge disappointment. :(
More carboys!

Actually time is more of a premium that carboys right now. A grad summer class while working full-time is brutal! One more week and then I can start a Showcase Zinfandel, bottle a Sterling Pinot Grigio, and then start the Showcase CabMerlot.
Yes, no comparison. I liked that wine, didn't ever enter it into competition. The W2 Caberlot won a medal every time I entered it. I added extra tannin and 3 months in the Vadai. I used EC1118. YMMV.

Did you also make the CC Showcase Yakima Syrah? If so, how did it compare?

Any tweaks to the Cab/Merlot?
Did you also make the CC Showcase Yakima Syrah? If so, how did it compare?

Any tweaks to the Cab/Merlot?

I also made the Yakima Syrah, and also found it to be "meh." I added some cheap tannins (i.e., LHBS variety, from Chestnut gall) to the Syrah, and used D254 yeast. My major complaint is that it is kinda thin and bland.

The WW Cab/Merlot was in a different class. (Also D254, but used RT Rouge Tannin.)

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