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May 9, 2007
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I have been using Vintner's Harvest fruit wine base and recently I have been having a problem with fermentation. I called an advice hotline today an explained my problem and was told that the directions are wrong. The addition of crushed campden tablets kills the yeast and fermantation can not take place. This is the fourth time I have had a problem like this. Is this the problem?
Campden does NOT kill the yeast. However it does stun it, or setback its growth. Adding campden to sanitize a must is very standard. Then wait 24+ hours before pitching a wine yeast.

Is there a way to remedy this situation without losing the must? I have whipped the must to remove SO2. When is it safe to add another yeast? Or is it?
As I already said, 24 hours after the campden is added. This is standard practice when making wine from fruit.

I have made a few of these with no problem. As the other Steve stated you need to wait at least 24 hours after you add the K-Meta to pitch your yeast. This also allows the temperature of the must to reach room temperature. The type of yeast you use makes a difference as well. Some ferment fast, some slow. Some are hard to get going. Some fruits such as blueberry are tougher to get fermenting as well. All of the VH bases I have made have directions on the can that are dead on and proven.

Steve :)