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Oct 17, 2009
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Hi everyone! I am new at this winemaking, I am on my third kit. Here is the concern. I purchased the above kit and have been following the directions to a 'T', however according to the instructions, it is approximately 14 days before I rack over to a carboy. Now I realise 14 days is approximate, but for me this is day 6 and it has reached a SG of 998 already. Seems to be no activity. Do I leave it a few more days, or should I rack it over in the next day or two?

On to other things, I think this forum is fantastic and is a gold mine of information for experts and newbies such as my self. Hats off to the originators. This is a great hobby!
Sure rack it. Some wines just ferment faster than others. This is one of them I guess
Traveler, if you decide to rack the wine early, I would not do the additives etc now. Wait a while, say day 18, rack again, and then do the additives.

[Edit] Should also mention that I would expect that kit to drop down to .995 or lower.

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Thanks for the advice. I just checked the sg & it is at .996 so I can wait till tomorrow I suppose. It appears to have stopped working though!


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