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Feb 27, 2009
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I was planning on making a batch of blackberry wine soon. While at the store a found a bottle of Mogan David Blackberry in a 3 litre bottle. I wanted the bottle so I bought the wine. I figured it would be a good benchmark for when I make my batch. It was horribly sweet. I checked it with the hydrometer and it came in at 1.050. Isn't that a little high for any wine?
I've noticed a Blackberry at our supermarket too, but haven't bought it yet. I was wanting to compare a professional job against my amatuer attempt.
My blackberry is sweet too. My S-I-L doesn't like it, but I do and that's what matters. :h
Is your blackberry that sweet? (1.050) That tasted more like blackberry syrup. I also wanted to get an idea of what a comercial wine tasted like compared to home made. That shouldn't be hard to outdo.
On a side note- When you all backsweeten you do it till it tastes good. The 2 batches I've done so far have been between 1.005 and 1.010. Where does yours come in at?
It depends on the wine but thats a good area for sweetness and about where I come in.
I backsweeten to around those #'s 1.005-1.010ish
My Blackberry ended up 99 and I left it there. I havent backsweetened any thing but my Daughter in laws reisling. I like em dry
After it stopped fermenting I decided to back sweeten it with a flavor pack. I couldn't get any fresh berries so I bought canned blackberries from Oregon and thicked it up.
The first time I added it, it did go back to fermenting. I'll admit I wasn't expecting it and from where I had some excess when adding the F-pac, I put it in bottles that blew the cork out one night.
So the second time I added the second F-pac and the sorbate. It's sweet but I never checked to see just what it was finished at. It's not syrupy, but it is sweet.
I like it. My only complaint is that I only made 5 gallons from the berries in my overgrown yard. I wish I had made 25 gallons. Well, next year.