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Feb 8, 2014
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hey guys i am making a muscadine wine and i put it in the primary day before yesterday and i still haven't got good action yet ....i am hoping i didnt put to muck kmeta in it to kill the wild yeast and it is affecting my wine yeast i let it set for 24 hours after it was put in and then pitched my redstar montrachet i had what seemed a bit if foam yestreday and a very light cap today on sturd it so to be safe i pitched another pack of yeast today and sturd it in is there anything else i can do or am i ok to just wait and see
thanks in advance
sg 1.100
The keyword is "patience". Some of by batches take 1-3 days to get rolling. What is the temp of the must and did you use a starter or just sprinkle the yeast?
first was a starter then a sprinkle the 2 pack
temp is 75 or 76 its room temp in my basement
The must temp should be close to the same so you should be fine. I would just give it another day and see what happens. A recent post here said that his took around a week to get going. I believe his must had beef refrigerated and he gave it a dousing of kmeta before pitching the yeast. I think it took the must a few days to warm up and the kmeta added at such a low temp may have slowed things up a bit also. So many variables.
Ok I have it under a air lock and it is starting to move some ....but stir it twice a day ....have made several the same way but never such a slow start
I have make kits for years with an air lock on the primary. Most here feel that covering the primary with a cloth gives the yeast more oxygen and helps them multiply. I've done several batches that way now and it seems to work well. Stirring twice a day helps bring in more oxygen also.
Using the Montrechet yeast, make sure you keep the nutrient up. If it gets stressed it gives you some bad smells. Think rotten eggs. Arne.
Ok ......sometime between my last post yesterday and when I got home from work last night it started and was going strong at 11:30 pm last night

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