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Nov 12, 2009
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When I make my pear wine can I add vanilla extract, (the good kind) to it when it is time to backsweeten, after the fermentation has ended and I have added campton and sorbate? there a food grade type of washer that I can use to make my new fermenter useable. The ones they have been sending me are not working and it is leaking below the spigot?:d
I don't see why not.. the extract is in an alcohol base anyway.

if you do it.. can you let me know if it clouds up the wine..?

I'd be interested in doing this to one of my meads.

:u I better let you know Allie that I am just starting this pear wine. The last batch I made never really cleared very well without any vanilla. I havn't started using clearing agents yet, but I am thinking of trying sparkaloid on it. If I do use sparkaloid, when should it be added.
Pear needs a good dose of pectinase.. try at least a teaspoon per gallon.

I let my pear and apple cider mix clear on its own and it takes twice as long as just plain apple cider. I used to buy fining agents.. but don't bother now.. time generally does the trick.

If you do use sparkaloid, I'd let the wine settle out on its own for 3-4 weeks.. then rack and add the finings. Most clearing agents work over two to three days.. but don't rush it.. even with finings you can be left with a very fine deposit thrown in the bottles..

pear just has fine particles.

Vanilla Pear

That is good to know. My recipe called for two teaspoons of pectic acid for a 4 gallon batch to begin with. But I will wait until it should be clear and then add 4 tesp. more. The more natural I can make my wine the better.
Hey ST Allie I bottled my 3 gal of this wine yesterday. I know, way to soon. I think it cleared up nicely, for my wines anyway. I had added the vanilla with the suger, and I also added about half of a tiny bottle of pear cordial, waited a day and put in 3 tesp pectic enzyme. Then just worked at degassing, (didn't seem to have any), for about a week and a half. The taste, right now, is good enough to drink. My other two gallon bottles of this are still waiting. I added a F-pack of my canned pears, stewed down to one. It's flavor is wonderful, but I know it will take forever to clear. The last one is re-fermenting, because I forgot to do the campton-sorbate before I sweetened. Rats!:m
I put vanilla beans in the fermenter on most wines.I made a MEAD with vanilla bean and it is great. I do cut up the beans and I use 4 beans for a 6 gallon batch. Now no one has complained about the taste. The mead tastes a lot like cream soda at first, to my despair it now tastes like vanilla mead I will use a bear yeast to try a lower alcohol level to see it I can keep the cream soda taste for a batch.
Now I use much less vanilla in fruit and grape wines. Never the same either, but light fruit and whited get much less than heavy reds

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