Using dried fruit.

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You could estimate the amount of sugar added. Look at the package of the craisins, find the amount of sugar per serving. With that you could calculate how much sugar you add with a 4 lb. bag. Once you know the grams of sugar, you can calculate the SG increase due to that sugar.
I'd have to look at my notes to be sure, but I am fairly certain I added sugar, as well, not realizing at the time how much sugar the raisins would add.

I ended up adding some orange extract (orange peels in vodka for a few months) and it's not bad. I mean, I don't have any lit flames around it or anything, but it's not bad. 😁
I stole an hour tonight and transferred my 3rd run off the dried bilberries tonight. It’s far from fully fermented (sitting at 1.028) but tastes good. I added red grape concentrate to the 3rd run as recommended in the recipe but there is still a definite bilberry flavour.
I’m looking forward to when I can try all 3 back to back.
I removed the fruit from the 3rd run about a week ago. There was absolutely nothing left to note, no flavour and no colour staining at all. I think I’ve had my money’s worth out of these berries.
Fingers crossed it’s all worth the effort. In total I have just shy of 12 imperial gallons off 1.4kg dried bilberries and 1ltr of grape concentrate.
I did a craisin (dried cranberries) and raisin wine last year. I used a 4 lb bag of craisins and a 15oz box of raisins, intending to make one gallon. However, the sg was through the roof with all the sugar and so it ended up being a 2 gallon batch and is still above 13% abv.
But how does it taste ?
Jury is out on this one. I racked all 3 runs of the bilberry tonight.
I’ve ended up with almost 60 litres of OK light red table wine. The 3 runs are very different. All drinkable but I can’t see any of them being a favourite.
Definitely worth the experiment though.
Maybe a little aging will help.
I bottled a couple of gallons of the dried bilberry back in August. It wasn’t brilliant. More like a cheap sherry and quite bitter. It wasn’t repulsive but I struggled drinking more than a glass or 2 in a sitting. To be honest I was a bit disappointed and thought I’d end up chucking the rest down the sink.
Fast forward 3 months. I was having a bit of a tidy up and thought I’d give this stuff another try and bottled a gallon. It’s turned out beautiful. It tastes almost thick and very fruity, akin to alcoholic ribena. I take it all back, I’ll be making this one again.
I learnt something invaluable here, don’t rush it!


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