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Jul 1, 2019
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So I am in Sweden where it is apparently impossible to find pure grape juice in any form like you have Welch’s in the US. I bought a cheap wine kit called Ekens Reserv Vit Rioja which is concentrated to 5L for what is intended to make 23L of wine when made up as directed. I had thought to use it as a substitute for white grape concentrate in recipes like Jack Keller’s which call for Welch’s concentrates. Has anyone tried this? The concentrate is in a big plastic jug with a reusable twist cap. The LHBS said it wouldn’t keep long after opening but seriously, can it go bad that fast when it is already so concentrated? Can I just add a bit of Campden between uses? Is it best to freeze it (though I do not have much room in there)?


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Jan 1, 2007
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I would check the specific gravity and ph before I would use as a base for any other wine. Concentrations of the type you describe could have a specific gravity of 68 brix or higher. I have no idea what the ph would be. I would suggest take about 250ml and add specific increments of water, say about 50ml,to achieve a specific gravity of 1.092 or 22 brix. this would give you an indication of its concentration. for a base for a fruit wine something less than this would be required as the fruit would provide sugar as well. just experiment with it to get the result you desire. these concentrations are similar to those of fruit concentrate here in USA. as far as storage is concerned, placement in a refrigerator will be fine.