Traveling to New Zealand... Any winery recommendations?

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Aug 30, 2009
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Jimbob and I will be spending 3 weeks of October in an RV toodling around New Zealand; looking for lovely scenery, wineries, geothermal areas, and art.

We will be landing in Auckland and departing from Christchurch.

Does anyone have any experience, suggestions, ideas, opinions about any wineries? We have information from tourism/winery organizations. I am looking for more individualized info and personal experiences.

Facts and opinions equally welcome:b

Hello Kcdig and Jimbob,

Welcome to the forum.

Off the top of my head.. some places worth including on your trip..

There are a lot of bushwalks in west auckland if you are interested in those.

If you are wanting to combine everything into one island.. I recommend you take the carferry over to Waiheke Island from Aucklands CBD main wharf.
The island has many award winning wineries.. top scenery, food.. and is well known for its thriving art community. Spend a couple of days.. there's a lot to see.

link here

Geothermals are found in Rotorua.. a day will be long enough to see that.

Trout fishing is a bit further past Taupo ... in Turangi.

Wellington has a fabulous museum ( Te Papa)

Christchurch has the glaciers.. if you're keen to see the glaciers, watch out for the Keas (native parrots) they will eat your car.. literally..and the residents love their gardens .. so there are a lot of private gardens open to view there.. plus Hagley Park to visit.

link here

I'm not sure about wineries that far down the island.. perhaps someone else can chime in on here.


Welcome. Glad you found your way here. BTW, I'm jealous that you're visiting NZ.

Welcome, I too am jealous, I couldnt find the time or even afford it if it costed $.25! Have a blast and do tell when you get back. Do you make wine?
Oh you simply have to go to Oraki Korako its half way between Rotorua and Taupo and a hidden treasure, much better than commercial Rotorua itself.

For wineries, Hawkes bay has many great vineyards, The Black Barn being one of them where they also have a gallery and homestay I think..I sold them a painting ages ago for the homes stay of their vineyard thats my painting, its in a shuttered frame which closes. There are many othere but thats my favourite

If you are heading to the South Island Cloudy Bay is a place to visit, its in the Malborough region Bay-RegionWineries.aspx

I agree with Allie, Waiheke is a must see place, you will get lots of wine, wineries and art all in one hit there. Hpe that helps.
Come to one of our wine club meetings ( Boozehag and me), our place(s) has got to be the best winery in NZ!!!!
Gosh Wawa youre getting too good at this, even an avatar...Im impressed.
Thanks for the N.Z. tips!

Gosh, thanks for all of the information. I can't believe that the time has flown soooo fast and soooo slow since I first posted. We leave tomorrow (10/2) close to midnight from the west coast (or two hours earlier than it is in Texas)

Thanks for the tips. We are spending 2 night in Auckland, for sure. We were thinking about spending the first afternoon on the Island, but now I think we may toddle around a museum in Auckland and then go to Waiheke the next day. It just seems like there is too much to do on the island to only spend a 1/2 day and too expensive for the time. (I am assuming that we will need to rent a car.)

We will look for these wineries. We also joined the Native Park system, as well as printing the DOC and a couple of other camp grounds.

On our last trip 11 years ago we only spent 1+ day in Rotorura and 24 hours in Auckland. So the tips about Oraki are especially appreciated.

As for visiting the club in Hamilton, I am SURE that some of the BEST wine is to be found there. What a fantasy: to visit a wine club in New Zealand.

Thanks again, and any more tips will be welcome as I will be checking this great (if not well explored) forum.

Nah, every time I've visited Waiheke I've walked or jumped on a bus. don't waste your $ on car. have fun! Go to the mud brick winery restaurant...gorgeous!
Post when you headn for Hamilton, we may just set up a meeting at my cafe (all 2 of us, plus you, that makes 4, and maybe a couple of others!!!) so you can meet us and sample some of boozehag's and my wine!!!!
what do you say boozehag?? my cranberry wine is now very drinkable!
Don't rent a car if you weren't intending to. Waiheke has great public transport, you can prepay a day bus pass for very little and just keep bus hopping to your hearts content.

Keep us updated on your progress!

Oh good idea wawa. We have three membersa now and two pending. Hubby just finished his first wine so he can join now!
I have several drinkable wines so yes to a meeting!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't find this response until AFTER I got home. Frankly, it was soooo cold and rainy the day we passed through Hamilton a pause may have been just the thing to take away the jet-lag-driving-on-the-other-side-of-the-road blues, and to celebrate that our RV was an automatic, not a manual as we expected.

We even had some of our own wine we could have shared.:slp

Next time... in 3 or 4 years...:spm


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