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Jul 3, 2010
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Just getting into wine making and have bought a kit to 'to get my toes wet'.

Fermentation seems to have stopped but sg is still 1.012. Instructions say it should but sub 1.000 for the 'chardonnay' style wine I'm making.

It's been kept warm, agitated occasionally. I'm into the 3rd week now and instructions say I should be adding finings etc now.

I'm just concerned it actually hasn't stopped, but there's no bubbles going through airlock anymore.

What should I do ?
This happens a lot when racking out of primary due to leaving too much viabke yeast behind making it very hard for fermentation to complete. I dont think there is much that can be done at this point except for making another wine kit and racking this wine onto that yeast when that one finishes. This doesnt happen all that often but it does happen and unfortunately the only thing you can try at this point is what I just posted because there is already quite a bit of alc. in there and that makes a yeast starter very very hard to acclimate to. You could call the place that sold this kit to you and have them replace it or call the company that makes this kit as they will almost always replace this. Welcome to this forum and sorry that your first experience is not a great one but like I said this isnt usual.
Hi Venster:

Welcome to a great hobby.

To help us understand what has happened, please provide some additional info. Which brand of Chardonnay kit are you making? Please detail sg and temperature readings from start to present.

Although I think what Wade has suggested is a possibility, it is a very rare situation with a decent kit, and would like to help you to understand what may have gone wrong.


I'm from the uk, so you may not know the kit but it's a Young's.

I must admit I didn't keep readings of any sort as I thought it would be straight forward. I have a habit of starting things without reading about it first!

I'll carry on with instructions on packet and see what happens.... It's all about learning I guess. I have to add the wine stabiliser now.

I am going to start strawberry wine from scratch though and will keep records of it all.

You may be able to get some assistance specific to this kit from the following UK-based forum.

What is your definition of warm? My only guess is that the wine was too cool, and the yeast was not as active as it should have been.

Before you move on to the additives, give it a good gentle stir, try to keep it warm (22-24C), and take another sg reading. It may still be fermenting slowly. Times in a kit's instructions are a guideline only.