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Aug 28, 2008
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OK, I am a wine lover from Montana and am presently on my third batch of wine. I have always bought the wine kits (finding it less expensive to buy local than to order because of postage) and by following the directions its been fairly easy, of course each one is easier having done it before.
This question I just racked for the 4th and final time this batch of Australian Reisling.. it looks very clear so far. Putting it into the carboy the directions say top it off with similar wine or water. Well, I am out of other wine and I am wondering what difference it makes to put in water. I don't want the wine to be watery or take away from the fabulous flavor and everything it has going for it (i don't even know!, but it tastes good!!)
Tell me,,, water?? or should I go buy more wine??
I look forward to hearing from you..and reading your posts!!

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