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Nov 29, 2009
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hi im on the 14th day of brewing my california connoissuer zindfell rose wine kit.on the 8th day i did the secondry fermentation as instructed by the kit.the sg reading was 0.995. but im concerned because it says on the kit that the sg level shoul be 0.995 on day 20 also from day 8 to day 14 there has been no pressure or bubbling coming from the airlock at all since i did the second fermentation.everything was washed and sanitized during all this aswell so im not sure if i shoul leave it the full 28 days or start degassing and adding the fining agents now....any help would be great ....thanks
Well at .995, there is not a lot of fermentation left. Although this kit should drop to .992.

I would not recommend that you bump up the kit's time frames and finish it early. Wines are better if given more time not less.

What temperatures do you have? Both the room temperature and the wine temperature.

Get your temperature to about 75 deg F. Take an SG reading every few days. If it drops, then there was more fermenting to be done. If it stays stable, that means the yeast has given out and you may be finished that stage.
Every wine is different due to environmental variables. It could be anything from too high or too low of a temperature or old or weakened yeast.
To me it sounds fine. You got real close to your final gravity in the first 8 days. The kits I've done, you'd still be a bit over 1.010 at day 7 when you rack to secondary.

.002 difference in final gravity could mean you are just barely under the intended volume of the batch (6gallon batch but you're at 5.98 gallons, thus raising your gravity slightly).

I would think you can sorbate/sulfite, add finings and degas at this point (day 28)
room temp is 22 degrees and wine is 20.
A touch cool, but fermentation should be continuing. The cooler temp may contribute to the wine not releasing CO2, ie no airlock activity.

BTW, I should have mentioned this in my first post, but using airlock activity as a measure of your wine's progress is a waste of time. It may be good entertainment value though.

I would have expected that the starting sg would be 1.080 to 1.085. Is the 1.010 a typo?