The risks of using an Outhouse at-40F(-40C)

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Oct 26, 2008
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Speaking of risks, I am taking a chance with Wade on this one, but I'll give it a shot. As some of you know, I am one of, if not the only one in this forum who still uses an outhouse. And as you know , I live in a place where it does indeed get-40F.

So, in no particular order, these are some of the risks and challenges we face when using the lil house down the trail, when it gets so cold, even the wind doesn't blow.

1. Losing your flashlight halfway down the trail, or having the batteries die just before you are finished with your business.

2. Being surprised by a Moose on your journey, and having to finish before you got a chance start.

3. Just after sitting down, you smell smoke, and realize you left your dinner on the stove.

4. While preparing to leave the lil house, you knock your glove down the hole. Having the flashlight go there too, would be just as bad!

5. Frostbiting body parts you will never admit.

6. Spending 20 minutes putting Arctic Clothing on for 5 minutes worth of business.

7. As you sit there, you realize, it isn't the dog team up the valley thats howling, its the new neighbor from Arizona across the road, in the same position as yourself.

8. Past -40F you risk blowing your ear drums out from being in such a hurry to get back inside.

9. Running out of ideas on how to insulate and heat your outhouse next year, but you never do.

10. The very worst, most baddest, most challenging thing about an outhouse at-40F is being done with your business and realize you mis-calculated just how much "official paperwork" was left out there. (This is said to be very common amongst families who have children). It may be you who howl like the neighbor from Arizona!!! LOL

Sorry Wade, I didn't say anything bad. But it's all true! LOL
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woah... forgot I am REALLY gratefull for inside plumbing ....comfort :D
Funny (no pun intended) you should talk about the outhouse at this time. I was explaining to my kids a few years ago of the trials and tribulations of using an outhouse when I was growing up. Mind you I grew up in the city, so we were 'advanced'. My kids would never know the experience of sitting in the outhouse at -40 or worse, reading the eatons catalogue, when all of a sudden the 'honey wagon' came along the alley, and the flap at the back of the outhouse opened, the 'can under you was quickly taken out, and a new one put in. Oh those were the days, not!!
wow trav, few understand a "honey" bucket. I have a toast for you there, with the "other" hand of course. Incroyable!
Down here we never had to worry about forty below temps, but I shore did hate them dang red wasps who just LOVED to build nests right under the lip of both of the two holes in grandma's outhouse.

There are places I don't think the Good Lord ever meant for a man to get stung.

And, btw, as big as Grandma's family was (Dad had thirteen brothers and sisters), as far as I can determine, only ONE hole of that thang was ever used at any given time. I know I sure didn't like ANY of my own kinfolk enough to share that aspect of my life with.
A few years back my buddy Al got bit in the unmentionable by a brown recluse spider. For some reason , they love to live in outhouse holes. i didn't inspect his injury but I did see the doctor report and were talking grapefruit size.
Holy yikes!
out at my uncles , there was a dog that never liked me .. have you ever open the door to head back to the house , and have a dog that hated you setting there , next to the door ,
If you are using an outhouse, can you go to a place with indoor plumbing?
Look like YOURS??

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