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Nov 16, 2008
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Well we bottled our first batch last night, everything went smooth. and almost all the corks went in just fine...almost all. I got a couple like this:


So I was wondering is Could I use like an exacto-knife to cut the bit off, or should I just use another cork, or is it ok to tap it in with like a rubber mallet (joke). I know using another cork is always the safe bet. but I want to know what my options are :). The bottle is sealed nicely. no leak.
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Just drink those ones first!

I think your problem is that you didn't leave enough headspace in the bottle.

The rubber mallet idea is a no-no. You could break the bottle.

Personally, I'd leave it alone, but use it first.
the mallet was kinda a joke lol. a hammer and any kind of glass just sounds like a bad idea, especial with liquid in it. (have you ever broken the bottom of a beer bottle filled with water, by smacking the opening lol, great trick)

I was going to put the foil over the tops to make them look nice, that's why I was asking about cutting that bet off.
There's actually a style of corker that you operate by whacking with a mallet. I imagine that type results in higher than average breakage.

I've got an impressive scar on my hand from college. We were doing fluids&thermodynamics homework in a bar. The beer bottle thing came up so we tried it.....

Go ahead and slice the cork off.. I've done it before
Yeah, before we were going to bottle a guy we know was like, Hey...I have a corker. we were like SWEET!. turned out to be one of the kinds you speak of...looked very unpractical.
I had a bottle that I replaced the cork because it did that same thing, except it was only in 1/2 way.. The 2nd cork did the same thing and then I took a bit out and the 3rd cork worked great!!
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Too much wine in there. I guess you could cut the top part off but like someone said here, drink them first and mark them so you know which 1's they are.

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