Thanks to the heat,,, the blackberries are finished

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Jun 22, 2009
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Now that our summer time has really kicked in full swing,,
90+ F. and anywhere from 70 to 75 % humidity with very little rain, the blackberries I've been picking are finished.
There are still a few berries, but very few fill out with any juice, just seeds
I had wanted to make more than last years 5 gallons and ended up well past that.
The total ended up being close to 210 pounds of berries picked.
I've got (6) 5 gallon batches in different stages of fermenting and another in the freezer. Plus enough to make F-Pacs for every one!
Now, I'll have to figure out what to do when it's time to bottle.
This time I kept much better records and as long as my computer doesn't die, I'll see how I like it the best. I tried a couple different yeast, a couple different SG readings and some with and without tannin.
10+ cases of blackberry wine is a good haul, congrats.
blackberries are still forming fruit here and wont ripen for a while, but the raspberries are going strong. And I found a huge patch of wild elderberries yesterday; flowers are opening now.

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