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Feb 7, 2009
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i would like to thank all you guys for your help during the making of my first batch, greatly appreciated you cleared up allot of worries that i had in my mind as a beginner. I'm glad to say i have bottled both my red Bordailles and Riesling with no problems. the Red definitely needs time its taste is bland but after a few it gets better, it grows on you haha and packs quite the punch surprisingly. the aroma is not much to say, but even more surprising the Riesling is almost as good if not better as the ones you buy at the store for 10 bucks. very glad. now i have started with two RJ Kits on second week primary, cant wait to try it 20 days till the "finished" Product, will still have to sit for 3 months or more. It bothers me that we can send a man to the moon, invent a plane, but we cant speed up the ageing process haha. oh well.. Thanks again all
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Glad it all worked out and let at least 1 bottle of every batch hide in a closet or somewhere for a year then taste it. Please do this as you will truly see what each could aspire to.

That is the speeded up aging. Go to your local liquor store and look at some of the dates on the decent reds.

I just bought a $13 South African red (Goats do Roam) on the day that it was released in Ontario. The date was 2006. Almost 3 years old.