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Apr 5, 2009
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on the way back home from 6 flags, i stopped in Bellmarw to meet up with Lurkers friend and grab some 15 gallon barells. His name is Tom and he was just AWSOME! i was expecting old dented dirt and dust coated barells for the price i paid. not nearly true!!! they were pristine!! no dents , perfectly cleaned, and well maintained and stored!!! Tom showed me around his basment and pointed put his carboys and told me what he had going, gave me a few good ideas and showed me some gadgets i had never worked with. he was an awsome guy and i was truly lucky to have met him!!! THANK YOU LURKER!!!

also on the way out my friends (who drove their truck to get these barells home for me) comented on his beautiful japaneese maple.. well off Tom goes across the yard to a spot we haddnt see, and there they were over a dozen sapplings in little pots, he grabbed 2 of them and shoved them into the hands of my friends , not taking no for an answer!!! how often in life do you get to meet such a genorous person!! i wish i had had bottles ready to drink to give him!! its not to far up the road from a place we shop alot, so as soon as something gets drinkable we are gonna be swinging by with something for him!

again, thank you lurker for the oppurtunity to meet your friend!! maybe next time we get up that way you will be in town as well!!
Not really I'm 20 minutes from Lurker. Along the Delaware River
i didnt get to see lurker unfortunatly:( how far r u from balmarw thats where i was ... i for some reason thought u had said u were farther!! we shudda done lunch!!! i plan on making a trip back up there as soon as ive got drinkable stuff to give (other)Tom some, maybe we can do lunch then !!
Lurker also lives in Bellmawr. I'n 20 min NW of there. Saturdays I work Usually Sundays i'm free
Lets see some pics of these Pristine Kegs!!!!!!! Its always awesome to meet other wine makerswhether or not they share onn this forum or not and that guy just sounds like 1 hell of a guy. Does he have more still as I think you said he had 4 as I know many of people on the beer forum who would love to give anymore he had a good home. I wish mine was as clean and dent free as you say yours is. I made mine look very nice considering the shape it was in. The first shot is before and the second is after nailing it with some gatorpads and polish on a angle grinder.



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