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Apr 6, 2009
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I understand that the ideal temperature for fermentation is a steady temp somewhere between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. My question is, after primary fermentation (while wine is doing it's thing in the carboy) and even after bottling, what are the ideal temperatures? Can the wine be kept at room temp (65-75 F) during the entire wine making process?

If you are talking about aging in the carboy the warmer the temp 65-75 the faster it will age. Again you don't always want fast. If aging in the summer months I would keep it in the basement for aging.
If talking when the wine is bottled keep it in a cool place. I think it nuts to see a wine rack built into the kitchen wall cabinet. That is no good for any wine as thats the warmest spot in the house
Thanks. I asked, because my problem is, I don't have a basement. I was planning on keeping both the primary and secondary fermenters in a closet where I think the temps will at least stay pretty constant (away from doors, drafts, outside walls, etc.) but that also means I can only keep them at room temperature (I keep my house at about 70 degrees or so). After bottling, I do have a wine fridge where I can set whatever temp I want, but it won't fit all my bottles, so some will have to stay at room temp too, I guess. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be harming the wine in the process by just keeping it at constant room temperature. I mean I could bring it to a friend's basement or something if I really had to, but would prefer not to.
There are many here who dont have basements. Just keep the wine in a cool dark space away from any heat. A closet would do. Then as your cooler needs refilling just add from the closet.
Those temps will be fine. 75 is sort of high. Most important is to find an area that the temps are pretty constant. That will help. I live in South Louisiana but I am from your neck of the woods and I know it can get hot there. I don't have a basement but keep the temps pretty constant with the AC.

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