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Jan 27, 2010
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Hey Guys,

I have bottled my first Wine "Shriaz" from Grapes and also the Mead I made.
The one problem I seem to have over here in Perth, Australia is Winemaking kits are quite scarce. I have a supplier for Grapes yet I dont think he is the type to keep them around for a few months.

I guess my main question is does anyone know of a site that deliveres grood wine kits to international destinations?:b
I doubt that George does international delivery, but I'll bet he can direct you to whomever does:

Also, check with the kit makers themselves, like Mosti Mondiale, Cellar Craft, RJ Spagnol, and WineXpert. They should have a list of dealers.
If he sells grapes he probably selld the juices also, not meaning kits. Couldnt you also get fresh juic es from some vineyards?

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