Sulphur smell after Campden?

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Jul 15, 2007
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Yesterday I started on my first batch of wine ever, a raspberry made from berries picked earlier the same day. I added a crushed campden tablet in the evening, after the must had finally cooled, and this morning added pectic enzyme.

When I added the pectic enzyme, I noticed a fairly strong sulphur smell--similar to the smell from the campden solution I used to sanitize, or a lit match. Is this normal; does it dissipate? I am perhaps more concerned than I otherwise would be because, as I mentioned, I used campden solution to sanitize. I thought I'd poured it all out of the primary, but when I put the Bag o' Berries in there, it turned out there was still a bit in the bottom of the bucket. I quickly pulled the berries out and poured it out, of course.

I expect/hope I'm just being a worrier...
Sounds like you're right, just a worrier. If indeed you over sulfited (which I doubt) once the action of the yeast starts it will work out the sulphur. You said "a" camden tablet, are you making a 1gal batch? The normal addition of camden is 1tblt/gal of must.
That's right. For a variety of reasons, I'm doing small, 1 gal. batches right now. I'm new to it, and I want to be able to do a variety of different wines. The quantities involved look sort of intimidating, too--I'd have needed a small posse to pick 20 pounds of raspberries! :) If and as I find things I like, I may move up to larger batches, or not--I'm not a big wine drinker in any event, and I like the idea of a cellar with lots of variety.

Thanks for the reassurance, too. :)

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