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I started 5gals each of blackberry and raspberry from wine juice purchased locally. I used same yeast for both batches and blkberry is working raspberry is not. Followed directions carefully for both. Also started blueberry a few days later(2nd time to try it) it will not take off either. Had to throw out 1st blueberry couple of months ago. If I can't find an answer will lose $60.00 investment.
What can be done to get the 2 to start working.
Do not throw it out, blueberry is sometimes a little hard to start but it's doable. Take a fresh pkt. of yeast, put it in a little (1-2ozs) warm water. Once it has started to work add 1oz of the blueberry must to it then after that has started 30min +/- double up on the juice and continue doubling up until you've got about a gal. going. Add this to the rest of the juice along with a tsp~ of yeast energizer. Warm up the primary fermenter to 80-85F (heating pad) until you've got an active ferment going.

Don't give up on it, have some patience.