Straining bag - am I doing it right?

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Feb 8, 2016
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I picked up a straining bag to contain the skins on my latest kit. It was the elastic-top style to wrap around the top of the fermentation bucket.

While the LHBS recommended that I wrap around the top of the bucket and clip down the lid: I'm noticing, via capillary action, that I'm getting wine on the outside of the bucket travelling via the bag.

Is this normal?

Or am I daft and should have tied off the bag once I put in the skins and allow the bag to float on its own (so as no longer wrapped around the perimeter of the bucket)
I throw the whole bag in the's gonna will not be hard to find!
Thx. I'll rectify this tonight by tying the top and pushing it fully in.

When I checked this morning to punchdown: I had no seepage. Perhaps I hadn't the lid clamped down tight enough.
As mentioned, your second thought.
I will drape mine over the sides to dump in skins, fruit, etc. but then tie it off and let it float because yes, it will soak up must and drip it on the outside.