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I`m a beer brewer and was wanting to try a simple wine batch. I`ve heard you can use store bought juice as long as their are no preservitives. What brand juice will work for this or how do I tell if it has no preservitives and what`s a simple recipe for making say a 1-3 gal. batch to start out with.

Thanks to all,
Burch :confused:

I am from Holland (Europe :p) so I can not inform you about the brand.
But reading the posts here and on other forums lots of people use Welches.

Making wine from juice can be very rewarding if you use good winemaking

- Look out that there are no presevatives are used
- Measure the acidity
- Measure the starting SG of the juice.

Add some pectine enzyme, sugar to the desired level, acid to the desired level and then add some yeast and you should be fine. Stir tthe must vigorously to bring some oxygen into the must which will be needed for yeast grow at first.

I would suggest to add sulphite afther the first racking as the juice will be pasteurised.
But if you want you can add some sulphite right away.

My first wines ever were made from juice and they turned out well.


I haven't made wine that way, but I believe that you should avoid sorbate & benzoate.

Yeah, right, it is easy for me :p
I was not paying attention to the second part of the question. :mad:

In europe there is a law that tells food manufacturers that they have to put
on the package what is in it :p

So read the package if you want to know it there are preservatives in the
product. I do not know about the laws concerning this in the US.


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