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Dec 30, 2006
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Luc, I've noted that you use a steam juicer and my question for you is how do you correlate a recipe for berries that call for 15#~20# when after juicing with the steamer you end up with maybe a gallon or less of juice? Also, how do you tell when you've extracted all the juice? I steam juiced 17# of loquat plums and stopped when I had maybe 1/2 gallon. This doesn't seem like much but I may have stopped too early. I'm using a Norpro with a 10L steamer insert.
When the steamjuicer does its job in the proces the juice will be more and more dilluted.
At first there will be more juice and less water and in the end a lot of water and less juice.

You can use the hydrometer (refractometer) for testing SG along the way, another method is looking at the juice. Dark juice will get lighter all along. Tasting also helps. It is not an exact science it is a matter of experience and insight :p

You need to steam at least one hour. If using fresh fruit make sure it's real ripe. If not, WAIT till its ripe.
1/2 gal of juice for 17# is LOW. How long did you staem them? are you using a steamer like

Yes that looks close to what I have. The fruit had been frozen and then allowed to thaw ptior to juicing. I guess it's like Luc said, you gain experience by doing more of it.
Well I do have a steamer and so far have made a kiwi/strawberry, and mixed fruit from frozen fruit from Sam's. I did notice there was about 75% less pulp and was super fast clearing in the secondary. Now to tweak it. I already added a f-pac to both and this week will backsweeten.
Figs will be ripening in the next two weeks (I have a large tree) and plan to try it out on that. I liked Luc's idea of using the refractometer to tell when you've extracted the maximum amount of juice, I can see where that method would be the most viable.

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