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Jan 2, 2010
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Alright Veteran Wine Makers the more I learn the more I need to know.

I have always started my juice at 1.092 s.g. and fermented to 1.000+/- a hair. That gives me 12% alcohol.

I'm making Julie's Tropical Fruit wine and her recipe calls for starting at 1.080 s.g. This will ferment down to 1.000 s.g. giving me a little over 10% alcohol.

Is this customary for the wines made from fruits other than grapes to have a lesser alcohol content? I initally thought I would start at 1.092 s.g. and then sweeten later but will this take too much of the flavor out?

On another note my basement smells like the tropics now with all the pineapple, mango etc getting ready to be fermented tomorrow. MMMMMM
I've got some pineapple going myself steve.
I recommend sampling the fruit (if it's not in a pulp bag) when you punch down the cap. the first day or two, it's just plain tasty, but then as it ferments more and :r rocks!
A lower alc. (10%-11%) wine means you'll be able to drink it much sooner. There will be less alc. burn on the pallet. An S.G. of 1.080-1.085 is what I try to attain.