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Yup, just follow the directions. Let it age a bit and you ought to have a pretty good wine. Seriously, there isn't really a lot of customization you can do to a Wine Expert kit. The only thing I normally do outside the directions is to not use the oak that comes with it but rather use oak cubes or the spirals in the secondary while I bulk age. I don't believe that wine is even oaked so I would just follow the directions and enjoy.
I'm curious as to how this one turned out.

My local WE retailer called to say they had one of these kits for me. :h

They seem to be trying hard to keep my cellar full! Add this to Chocolate Raspberry Port they ordered me and this will make my third kit from them this month. :d
I looked at my retailors site and an f-pac isnt listed for this kit!
There is definitely one included in the kit. But, reading the product sheet, they call it a dry wine.
The amount of sugars in the F pack will determine how sweet the wine will become. Not all F packs are exactly the same.

The Rose is going to be good after a little bulk aging. I also ordered a raspberry chocolate port. Didn't come in yet but am looking forward to making it.
I like it! It's a nice semi-sweet rosé (F-pack included). I have a preference for white Zinfandel though.;)
How did this wine come out?


My Spanish Rose was started in Sept. 2008 and bottled in Feb. 2009. I would give this wine a 5 out of 10. I expected this wine to be a little more red boing a Rose' but it has the same flavor and color of a WE White Zin. I agree with Broomal that this wine will need lots of time for a real test. Right now I have no desire to buy this kit again.