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Sep 25, 2016
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I am trying my first attempt at making wine. I bought the MV Pinot Noir Kit.

I have followed all the instructions and everything was going great. I completed primary fermentation with a SG of 1.1 and racked the wine into the carboy. My instructions ask that I keep it in secondary fermentation for 10-12 days.

Today is day 5 of secondary fermentation and all bubbling has stopped. I took a SG reading in the morning and it read .990. I guess because air got through during the SG check bubbling restarted for 2-3 hours and then stopped completely again.

My question is do I wait for the full 10-12 days as per the instructions or should I proceed with stabilizing and degassing (next step).

Thank you all in advance for your help!!
If you are down to 0.990 your ferment should be done. I would leave it sit for a few days and check the s.g. again. If it is still the same you can go on to the next step. You are doing well using the hydrometer instead of following a recipe to the letter. Your hydrometer will tell you what the ferment is doing. And welcome to the forum. Arne.
Your wine seems to be right on track. .990 on the hydrometer is about as low (dry) as you'll get. As Arne says, check sg for 3 days or so (your first test of patience). If no changes, consider it done and proceed to the next phase. Good luck and welcome to the best place for info!!
Thank you very much guys! Appreciate all the help you guys provide!!

Thanks agin!!