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Jan 2, 2010
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I have both a Chardonnay and a Chenin Blanc that I am using for a sparkling wine. It has been bulk ageing since Sept. '09

How much (%) of sugar should I add per gallon for the secondary fermentation? I have a book that calls for .25 to 1.5% sugar. Any reccomendations.

What is the best ph level for sparkling wine?

I searched the forum and didn't find a main thread devoted to sparkling wines along with a recipe. Could we add that, I believe that it would be helpful.

For those of you interested I will experiment in a few weeks on a skeeter pee treated like sparkling wine. I'll be the guinie pig.
I like the idea of sparkaling skeeter pee m8 ^_^. I think ill make some too.

*Pours some skeeter pee into a poweraid bottle with a couple spoonfulls of sugar and tightly closes the cap*
There's lots of threads talking about sparkling wine here maybe just reword your search . I don't know if it will work on wine that has been sitting that long so you might only want to try a couple of bottles first .After a couple of weeks shake a bottle a little bit to see it's starting to carbonate .What I found was 1.5 oz sugar / gallon & used that measurement twice now ,worked for me .

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