sorbate/stabilizing question and blueberry help

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Jun 16, 2010
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as i'm cruising the forum, using the search function, i'm coming across ALOT of info. on sorbate and stabilizing.
(also see my s.g. thread-picture is there, too)
the recipe says "rack, top up, and refit airlock after 30 days"
which would be 30 days from today
"and again every 60 days until clear"
then it stays
"stabilize, wait two weeks and rack into bottles"
my question is how to stabilize? there is nothing on the ingredients list to indicate this...???
also, as i'm typing this, after siphoning to the 2 gallon carboy, there are "polka dots" on the top of my wine. it seems like maybe c02 bubbles?
there is already some airlock action, also...btw, this is the #4 recipe on jackkellers.
Rica, You can let your wine clear for 4 to 6 weeks. I allow 6 weeks at room temps. (this will help degass some). Hopefully you added a quarter teaspoon of k-meta per 5 gallon carboy and added an airlock.

If you are using a clearing agent you should of added it at this time. If your wine needs degassed you may do it now, which will help it to clear. If you are back sweetening you may add that now which may give off some sediment.

After 6 weeks you will want to get the wine "off the lees". This is the sediment and dead yeasts. This will give the wine an off flavor if left in longer. After the next racking added a "pinch" of k-meta (also known as Potassium Metabisulfate).

Some folks will sweeten at this time (you will need to add Potassium Sorbate) to keep the yeasts from breeding. I prefer to sweeten a week before bottling which is after bulk ageing.

Any further lees dropped out of your wine will help to enhance the flavor. Some folks rack every 3 months and add k-meta. I do not. I let my wine age and keep an eye on the airlock. We all have our own beliefs.

Fruits and whites you may bottle 6 months from when you started. Reds 1 year.

When you stabelize your wine that's when it's thru fermenting, you've added k=meta to slow oxidation and give your wine a little help on ageing. You'll add sorbate if you plan to sweeten, if not you needent add any.
thanks steve for the feedback, on both threads, lol as i've been freaking out over this. i added one campden tab as per recipe, so i will need to add another tab about a week before bottling to "stabilize"? i'm still studying up on sorbate. this recipe did not call for this. i have alot to learn.
the problem with this headspace is i have the wrong size bungs for my 1 gallons:(
thought they would be in yesterday, but alas, maybe tomorrow.
this morning, there is a large, flat ?foamy patch, so i think i have some co2 protection, for the moment. there is also good airlock action.
this is also my first experience with an "s" lock. the larger primary has a 3 piece. i will keep everyone updated on the bung situation...i'm not gonna do anything to it for today.
Hopefully this is considered a related question, not trying to hi-jack the thread. I racked yesterday from the secondary to another carboy and added 1/4 teaspoon of K-Meta and 5 - 1/2 teaspoons of sorbate (5 gallon batch). I degassed, topped off with a "like" wine and plan to back-sweeten in 3 months. Will I need to add more sorbate when I back-sweeten?
just don't hijack my hubby, my child or my dogs...everything else is fair game, lol
no seriously, i'm learning and need the same answers!
If you already added k-meta and sorbate, you shouldn't need to add any more. I assume the wine you are adding has no active yeast in it.

the k-meta helps kill the active yeast, and the sorbate prevents them from reproducing and creating more; so if you've managed to snuff out the yeast, back-sweetening shouldn't do anything but sweeten the wine. If you are back-sweetening months after fermentation is done, no need for sorbate, just k-meta.

If you are not back-sweetening, you dont need to sorbate. The exception is when you want to stop the yeast before all the sugars have been fermented. The yeast will go dormant once it has fermented the wine dry, and then fall out of suspension. The k-meta also help to stop contamination and oxidization of the wine, so it is recommended to add when racking, as well as when stabilizing.
Sorbate is a 1 time addition, sulfite should be added about every 3-4 months.
thanks guys, that helped clear my thought process on this.
now for round 2...
i your honest opinion, should i top up this two gallon carboy with a like wine to make a big batch, or siphon it to the 1 gallon jug (with plenty left over) when the bungs come in?
i'm game for either way...
(the picture of the blueberry is on my other thread. sorry to split my questions up, i was worried)

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