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Dec 4, 2009
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Hi All,

I am relatively new at this wine making hobby, 18 months and 7 pails of juice are my experience. However as I get better, make mistakes, and learn more I am starting to get a bit more refined in my technique.

So every time I rack I measure TA, SO2, levels, make proper adjustemtns and put them in my notes. Anyways I run out of Titrettes the other day so I call the LWS and ask the guy if he has any so I can run over and pick them up. He says no I don't have them. I don't carry a lot of them because it isnt a popular item. However he orders me some and they will be in next week. No big deal.

I am in another town last night for an event. Every time I go somewhere new I plug "wine making supplies" into the GPS just to see what is around. I find a place about a block from the event I am at so I walk over. I ask the guy for some Titrettes and he says the same thing, "not a popular item". I am thoroughly confused at this point. I probably should have asked why they are not that popular but I didn't.

How the heck do you measure SO2 without Titrettes? Or am I surrounded geographically by people who just don't do that. It seems like a pretty darn important step if you are trying to make a quality wine that wont spoil while it ages....

Lil Help here..... What am I missing?
There are a lot of people who just follow the 3-4 month rule with adding 1/4 tsp when aging and then there are the people who just make it and bottle it before ever needing more then the 1/4 tsp per 6 gallon after fermentation is done. I buy my supplies from for this stuff here.
Hi Wade,

I think I am going to stock up on the stuff I need. Am I overdoing it with testing and adjusting every time I rack? It seems like it would be a good idea to keep my levels correct. Perhaps I am overthinking it? I am trying to make the best wine possible.

No, it is the best thing to do, some people dont and thats fine and most probably still stay within reason but Im sure there are those that are in the red zone!