Slow fermentation progress, should I worry yet?

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Oct 26, 2008
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Concerned the current batch may not be progressing. On Jan 14, I started with 6-(160oz) cans of Safeway grape juice concentrate, 64 oz Langers Cran/Raspberry Juice(premixed), 2 1/2 gallons of water and 5# of sugar, 1/2 tbls of yeast nutrient and 1/4 tsp s-meta. I shook the hell out of it for about 2 mins and allowed it to rest overnight. The next day I added one sachet of Montrachet which was hydrated @ 105dgrs for 15 mins. I poured in the yeast mxture without stirring. My starting SG was 1.10@80dgrs. It has been in a carboy without airlock at around 72 dgrs. Didn't notice an agressive bubble action, but there was some action, with little foam on top. Today the SG was 1.060 @ 72 dgrs.

Should have I expected the SG to have came down more after 9 days? Or should I just be a bit more patient? Should I pitch another sachet of Montrachet?

As always your input is appreciated!

I would probably give it another tsp of nutrient but fermentation is going ok for a Montrachet yeast, it could probably use 1 tsp of yeast energixer also. Do you know what the ph or ta of the must was?
Sure don't Wade. May be a day or so for I can get more energizer. Think I'll be okay till then? Do you think my progress would have been different had I used another type of yeast? I wanted to use Pasteur Red again, but they were out, so I settled for the Montrachet.
Thanks Again.
All yeasts perform different, Some are fast movers and some go nice and slow, its not a bad thing. The only reason I say to add more nutrient and some energizer is because Montrachet is notorious for causing H2S problems whe there is a nutrient deffiency with with wine. Otherwise that slow fermentation is fine.
Very true, they dont have to be cooked down just very ripe as in black skins.
The banana trick sounds interesting. What should I do with it? Chop it, smash it, ? And just toss it in? Also, remeber this batch is still in the primary. Most everything I understand so far about the primary, is that is normally ready to transfer to the secondary in 10 days or so. How long is too long?
my understanding is its not a matter number of days, but what the sg tells you. :D

We slice the bananas in 1 inch thick rounds
Yeah, I quess I should know that to be true by now Con, and I also know patience is key to this obsession. I just hadn't heard of the SG taking that long to come down. Maybe the wine is getting tired of me shining the flashlight on it everyday to look for bubbles:) I haven't messed with it stirred or anything else, but I admit, I sure "check" on it a couple times a day:D That I suppose proves this is no longer a hobby, but developing into an obsession quicker than the wiine is willing to "brew". :)
well just like Wade says some yeast just goes faster. our raspberry-pineapple took over 2 weeks to go from 1.1 to 1.010. but our Watermelon Green apple went from 1.075 to 1.040 over night. Its not an exact science, just a very fun one lol.

I suppose proves this is no longer a hobby, but developing into an obsession quicker than the wiine is willing to "brew". :) other words the SAME :D:D
Sure appreciate the reassurance Con, and the rest of you. At the risk of repeating myself and the others who know, PATIENCE! Still wondering, however, how long to wait before I try another SG reading? And is there anything I can do to help it along, with or with out an energizer catalyst, stir it, etc?
(PS, my first batch I used Pasteur Red and within a few days I could hear it fizzing at night, at first I thought it was just the ringing in my ears and than I realized it was just going that aggressively, and that batch took 11 days to come down to 1.020}
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well check again and see what is the internal temperature of the must? I no secret that you live in a warm part of the world :D
Con, it is no secret around here that I keep my cabin beyond warm. When I have visitors I need to turn the heat down for them. So the problem isn't the heat or consistench of it. My carboy sits on the fridge and I have a thermometer sitting next to it and the temp usually is around 72-75. I have oil heat so I know fluctuation in temp isn't a problem. I have been able to maintain a consistency that should be proper for fermenting. I realize I may be getting overly concerned but geez, I don't want my wine to catch a cold!:)
I am sure it does not have the sniffles lol. But I know that the temp inside the must can sometimes be upwards of 10* different in either direction then it is outside the must. Mine was 71 outside, but was 63 inside, could have just been my luck though lol :D
The way I do it is find really ripe bananas 1/gal and mash them up good then put them in a sauce pan with enough water to cover. Bring to a boil for 10-20mins, cool and add to the must, primary or secondary. Use this where it is needed most.
Did you check your SO2 levels? I little to much K-meta will kill your little yeatsies.
Checked my SG today, It read 1.050@70dgrs, 3 days ago it was 1.060 so it IS coming dow. Am I still in the running? Haven't had an opportunity yet to get any energizer or banana.
Checked my SG today, It read 1.050@70dgrs, 3 days ago it was 1.060 so it IS coming dow. Am I still in the running? Haven't had an opportunity yet to get any energizer or banana.
its just cooking slow Troy. i noticed that when i used the Monch(sp) yeast, i like the Lavalin 1118. lets you see it go!
I got dome yeast nutrient today, gonna give it a shot, say 1/2 rsp dissolved in water and pour it in. Nice looking batch tastes hopeful, I hope I don't mess it up.

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