Skeeter pee extremely slow

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Aug 20, 2016
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No real problem here just curious if anyone else has had it ferment extremely slow? Everything I read talked about how this recipe went super quick.

Well it's been over a week since fermentation began and it's still not quite down to 1.05 SG so I can add the rest of the lemon juice and yeast nutrient. It's just strange because it's still fermenting steadily. Bubbling on average every 10 seconds. Just not moving very fast.
My first real attempt at skeeter pee stuck at 1.030 and stayed there for over a month, I tried the advice offered and I had to dump it cz if it's not fermenting, it's rotting. My second try is only five days old and I will test it tonight
Pee does take some time to ferment and it is a quick wine when finished, usually bottle mine in about 8 weeks.What yeast did u use and what is the temp of the must?
Can't remember yeast some Lalvin wine type.

You may be right about temp. It was around 68-70 but we just had a warm stretch where I went back up to high 70s and now it's "burping" more than once a second going strong.
I am assuming, by your posts, you are fermenting in a closed vessel with an airlock.
If so, that could be part of your slow problem. Most of us ferment in an open bucket with either a a. loose lid or b. towel over the top. This allows the needed oxygen during fermentation and easy access to stir daily. I have never had a batch take longer than 5-7 days ferment dry. That is using EC-1118 and 70 degree ambient temperature.
I wish I could add more value.

My only batch was done on the lees of a Chardonnay. It took off immediately.
I ferment under airlock to keep out dog hair & the kids without issues. But I'm a fiddler and find myself stirring every so often.

If you're still in a bucket: you could transfer to a carboy, reduce the headspace and let it ferment there further, slower, with less air exposure.
I've only made 1 batch of SP and it took FOREVER to begin fermentation. I ended up putting it on the back porch for the better part of a 100 degree day and it finally got busy. I learned 2 things about that from this forum:

1. If you use the Italian Lemon Juice from Costco, the ph may be quite low, resulting in a slow ferment.

2. Getting it started in a warmer environment may help to overcome the acidity.

Hope this helps.
Skeeter isn't the most friendly ferment environment. It only takes some old yeast, cool temps, old nutrient...for it to struggle. It seems to need some extra O2, 70-80 degrees, fresh ingredients and a little skeeter pee prayer.
Hmm. Thought this was a tried and true cheap easy beginner recipe.

Thanks for the replies. Thankful it's going strong now. Depending on how it tastes might not do it again.
Hmm. Thought this was a tried and true cheap easy beginner recipe.

Thanks for the replies. Thankful it's going strong now. Depending on how it tastes might not do it again.

It is easy. Doesn't cost much to do, but it is still a ferment. You have to use the same practices you use for expensive ingredients. You also will find if you do not keep your nutrients up and or stress the yeasts somehow it will complain about it. Biggest comlaint is smelling like rotten eggs. Warm temps, a good nutrient schedule, keep the oxygen stirred in and it goes good. You will probably want to sweeten it some, afterall it is lemon. Your ferment will probably take off and go better if you use some lees off a fresh batch of wine. Leave the gunk and what little liquid you don't rack out and start your fresh batch of s.p. right on top of it. It should take off like gangbusters. Good luck with it, if you like lemonaid you will probably like Skeeter Pee. Arne.