Simple Pear Wine Recipe from Juice?

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Aug 17, 2014
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I have an abundance of Asian pears this year so I am thinking about running them through a juicer. Would anyone be willing to share a simple tried-and-true recipe for wine made from fresh pear juice? If I am lucky I will have about 2 gallons of juice.

Thanks in advance!
i use a EC KRAUS APPLE recipe i add an equal part apples to my pears and with that little a touch crab apple, freeze every thing first so they release more juice, you can do the math my batches are 6 gallons at a time 20lbs apples 20bs pears and 3lbs crab apples, SQ i run up to 1.040 at least using granular honey, not liquid honey and not powdered honey, only granular honey, bulk age for a year and i love it as for my local mooching friends they do as well,,, now i do use for my yeast K1V-1116 TO RUN UP THE ABV, then back sweeten to 1.020 with more granular honey then bulk age to around 8 months to a year you can not taste any alcohol at all by then, but 1 glass and you'll sleep like a baby...

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