Should you cold crash red wine?

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Jun 10, 2015
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South Louisiana
Should you cold crash red wine?
It depends upon the wine, your plans for it, and how it tastes. If you just want your wine to be cold stable, then you can do it, but keep in mind what the results will likely be. If your wine has a pH lower than 3.6, cold stabilizing will actually result in a wine with a lower pH and the TA will decrease as well. If your wine has a pH above 3.6, CS will raise your pH and lower the TA.

Changes in pH will affect the microbial stability of the wine and the amount of sulfite required to adequately protect it. Changes in the TA will typically result in a change in the taste of the wine due to the taste perception of acidity. If your wine tastes flabby and has no acid zing to it, CS will exacerbate the problem, if it is too acidic tasting, CS can help the taste by dropping out some acidity.