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Dec 28, 2008
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I'm on my second batch of wine a RJS Cellar Classic Cabernet. I noticed it says in the instructions when i rack to the secondary the temperature should still be from 68-75 or so. Should I use the brew belt to keep it that temp or what adverse effects could that have? My basement in Atlanta is around 50-55 or so currently. I may be able to put it in my furnace room where it's warmer, but why not use the brew belt..?

For my first kit there was not mention of secondary temps so i wasnt' worried about it. it was a WE Trinity Red it didn't mention temperature ranges for the secondary. The FG seemed okay. Just bottled it so haven't had a good taste yet. not sure if the low temps in the secondary may have had a bad effect.
I haven't made a Cellar Classic kit so don't know if this is a 14 day ferment in the primary or not - if your fermentation is complete and you are ready to stabilize and degas, the degassing is much easier if you do it around 75 degrees. Once this is done, the lower temps should be okay but, being only your second kit, it might be best to follow the instructions. Using the brew belt on your carboy is practised by many and has not been a problem.
If it done fermenting then the higher temps are just to help it degas and clear, after that you can bring the temps back down. Degassing gets done way better at warmer temps like around 75*
Okay, well the WE kit didn't mention secondary temps. the next two kits i have, RJS cellar classic and now a Cellar Craft Amarone mention secondary temp at 68-75 or so.
Just to be clear - is your fermentation complete, or are you transferring from the bucket to the carboy to complete the fermentation?
From the instructions you mention, it appears this may be a Cellar Classic Winery Series kit, which I believe, utilizes the same fermentation protocol as the En Primeur ( initial ferment in bucket, transfer to carboy to complete) and this does ask for the temperature range you quote. In this case, the higher temps are important to maintain.
at the moment it's still bubbling and my gravity reading is not below 1.02 so i won't transfer to secondary. it's day 7. i imagine i will transfer in a day or so once sg gets to less than 1.02. i'll likely move the carboy to the furnace room where it's in the 60's just to be safe. don't think i need to go as far as putting the brew belt on though.
You should start getting the temps up now and I usually get the temps up a little higher then lower 60's if I want it to finish dry, if I dont care if it goes dry then lower 60's is fine then.