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May 18, 2020
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Just about to start making a South African Sauvignon Blanc from RJS En Primeur Wine Series (18L). This will be the 3rd wine kit that I have made so still a newbie. SO EXCITED! It comes with Lalvin QA23 yeast. I like a clean and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, not too green and a little fruit forward. I like zip and minerality to my white wines. The last wine I made was a Viognier. I added some grapefruit zest to that but it was a cheaper kit. Not sure if I should add that here and, if so, when! I am thinking lemon zest might be better for this wine.

Any thoughts and tips would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
With a kit like that I wouldn’t be adding lemon peel. That’s a kit you make “as is”. Just top up to 6 gallons, pitch your yeast, and maybe add some yeast nutrient in stages if using a different yeast than what’s provided. I’d skip the bentonite, chitosan, and kiesesol, and rather use time as your fining agent over 2-3 rackings (less is more). I find the fining agents strip the wine of some aromatics among other things, so unless you’re in a rush or have unwanted yeast or bacterial problems you really don’t need them. Once completely clear I personally do filter before bottling, but if you’re habits are clean you really don’t need to with a kit. As for yeast, I’d recommend reviewing the below link. Let us know how it goes!

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