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  1. Denden5136

    Sauvignon Blanc high pH

    I picked 160 lbs of Sauvignon Blanc this weekend. The harvest is a bit late. The Brix came in at 27. The grapes were on the "done" side, but were from a good, clean vineyard and the fruit looked really good. Got everything crushed and pressed in a couple hours and checked the pH - 4.1. I...
  2. Davielovesgravy

    Other Get the best out of SG Platinum Cab Sauv kit

    Howdy all you wonderful squiffers. I’ve just put a highly recommended Solomon Grundy Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon kit on to ferment and just wondered if anyone has any tips for getting the very best out of this particular kit please? Mainly fermenting time, checking after 5days and bottling in...
  3. T

    Sauvignon Blanc Tips Appreciated

    Just about to start making a South African Sauvignon Blanc from RJS En Primeur Wine Series (18L). This will be the 3rd wine kit that I have made so still a newbie. SO EXCITED! It comes with Lalvin QA23 yeast. I like a clean and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, not too green and a little fruit...
  4. A

    My Chilean Juice Adventures

    I just started 3 Chilean juices and I want to share my experiences to help others and get feedback as well. This is my first big thread, I will update with progress and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on what I post. Here is what I have: Chilean Malbec juice 6 gallons: picked...
  5. ringmany

    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Atmosphere or Eclipse?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to make a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The 2 main kits I'm looking towards are: Eclipse New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £120 Atmosphere - Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand £75 I've been reading mixed reviews of the two. I was wondering which kit you believe is the...