Sambuca for fortifing a blackberry wine

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May 4, 2010
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I like the flavor of Sambuca and was thinking about bottling a couple of bottles of my blackberry with sambuca mix in for fortifing it.

Suggestions / comments / yuks ?????
Oh boy, that could be scary.!!!!!

If you would have said Tuaca, I would most certainly be hiding under the porch!!
Sounds like you might have had an experience with the "sambuca". I am kinda partial to the black sambuca but I was thinking about just using the nomal white sambuca for this.
Stopped by my local ABC store today on the way home and discovered that they dont carry any sambuca. So I will have to find another ABC store that does.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is the best sambuca, or does no one here like it?
lol not to sound like an Alco-noob but what is this strange stuff that yall speak of lol?? and the only thing that stops me from fortfying is the fact that im perfectly content making wine that is 17%+ for such things.... BTW im thinking jello shots guys!
Sambuca isa Greek liquor that is flavored with Anise. I is very good and very addicting.!!!LOL. Tuaca is kind of a caramel flavored liquor, even more addicting than Sambuca.
Around 70 ish. Enough to make you wonder why you were drinking it in the first place!!!! LOL

Sambuca will give you one of the best headaches immaginable! Thats why it is so good.

Nothing like a frickin pounding headache, accompinied by shaking an dizziness.

Life just doesn't get any better, I swear! LOL
I was thinking that sambuca was only around 40% or so. Either way it is addicting and I think that the headache can be easily solved by the wonderful H2O. But I rarely suffer from the hangover, unless I get into store bought wines that have alot of sulfites in them.

So what does everyone think would fortifing a couple of bottles of blackberry with the sambuca be a good thing to try? Or is there something else that would be better suited for blackberry?
70 proof is 35 percent alcohol. Atleast if your using the american system of proof and alcohol. I want to try this stuff lol
I love it in coffee yum ....might try it in some of my wine just not sure which lol ...thanks for the idea! Zoogie
I have drank my share of sambuca, I do know that if you add it to ice or water it gets milky and has a strange taste. Now it is best enjoyed on ice cream or a shot after dinner.
Did anyone end up trying this? Carrabba's makes a pretty sweet sangria with their house Montepulciano, Tuaca, and Blackberry Monin syrup. I was thinking about making a sangria-inspired wine and putting some Tuaca/blackberries in.
I love sambuca, but I would use very little. It could overpower any wine quickly. I would love to hear how it works!

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