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Old Philosopher

Oct 22, 2009
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Did I just reinvent the wheel, or did I have a BFO? (Blinding Flash of the Obvious)
Not having a wine thief, and not wanting to disturb my secondaries, I bought a new, plastic bulb-type baster. Like you baste your turkey with. I used that to extract a sample from my 1 gallon jugs to test SG.
There's no such thing as an Original Thought, but I may have stumbled upon a new piece of wine making equipment. :tz
I read a thread on another forum about doing just that. Saw plenty of warnings about not using it on your turkey too. :)
Old school wine thief, YThis idea has been around for quite some time, sorry to ruin your moment.
I heard standing on end works well. Allie is on vacation, or I am quite sure she would whip up on our butt!!
I always use the turkey baster. My wife is vegetarian and it's not like it's getting used for anything else. You have to be quick about it, because once you let go of the bulb, it starts to run back out.

On another strange notte, we did ask her doctor about the fertility thing. He said it's usually lesbian couples who buy "product" on the open market and wish to try at home. Nobody go visual or anything.
before the valved wine thief came out, wine thieves were just a big turkey baster but no bulb on top. you just dipped it in, put yer thumb over the other end, and pulled out a sample.
these obviously weren't quite as wide a diameter, and a hydro wouldn't fit inside the tube like fermtech's thief.

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