Refrigerating Dragon Blood after 7 days?

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Jan 4, 2022
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The Poconos
My first Dragon Blood is in the primary. Only 1,5 gallon batch to try this recipe. The recipe asks to refrigerate for 48 hours after 7 days in the primary, then rack it again. I assume the purpose of refrigerating is to kill the yeasts but this is the first recipe that I found that requires refrigerating. Is Dragon Blood wine different than other wines? Is it really necessary? Also I started with OG 1.082 which is I think a little low. The recipe asked for even less sugar than I added. The must is in the primary for just 2 days so I'm thinking if adding more sugar now would be a good idea.
Sounds like an unusual recipe.
Heat kills yeast. Cold will make them hibernate.
I believe cold crashing is used to remove tartaric acid and it's usually done a couple degrees below freezing. Rack while it's still cold.
OG of 1.082 will certainly give you over 10% ABV and more depending on how far it ferments. You could add a reasonable amount of sugar any time during fermentation.

Back to the recipe - where'd you get it?
I have no idea why the Brewsy method calls for refrigeration, or what is involved with that product. I never refrigerate during the wine making process although as @BigDaveK mentioned, refrigeration is sometimes used for cold crashing to remove tartaric acid.

The Dragon Blood recipe most commonly referred to on this site is a variation of Lon D's Skeeter Pee, and it does not require refrigeration. You can find it here:
Thread 'DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine'
DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine
Here is the original recipe but I slightly modified
Thanks for the link!
I love the phrase "Months of research!"

I think I get it. Yeast will float around for a while if they're a bit active. Cold temp, they stop working, plus the fining agents in the pouch and the wine clears. If you brought it to room temp they'd go right back to work. Brewsy...huh.

Have you used it before for wine? Were you happy with the result?

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