RC-212 Yeast Substitution In Kits.

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Jan 19, 2022
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Central Alberta
I found a Canadian source that actually has stock!

I have EC-1118, KV1, and RC212.

Any opinions on which yeasts I should have on hand? I have BM4x4, D254, BM45 D47, and 71B in the cart. Any other strong choices I should drop in there.

I like to be able to make things on a whim and living remote has gotten me used to stocking up. As much as I am making the variety doesn't concern me. I'll get through it.
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Feb 5, 2020
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I have liked BM4X4 for reds, kits and grapes. I've not had any problems with stuck fermentations or H2S. Since it is a blend of BM45, you can go with just the BM 4X4. I've been using D254 for whites and reds; I've been blending it with D47 for whites and it works. Right now I'm fermenting two batches of Vidal from my grapes. One batch is with D47. It fermented dry in 3.5 days - I pitched on Tuesday night at 1.085 ish and Saturday morning it was 0.995 The other batch is with Cotes de Blanc and on Saturday morning was still 1.016. I like Cote de Blanc for light fruits and dandelion wines.
I always keep EC1118 for stuck fermentations and for high gravity stuff like my hard lemonade.
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