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Oct 30, 2006
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Racked my first kit today. Made a complete mess of the kitchen. <flashback> No one said it would be easy. </flashback> The mix-stir didn't hold up. I must have gotten a newer model that has a plastic shaft instead of all metal. Will be calling them tomorrow.

Yeah, my Mix-Stir has a solid Stainless Steel Shaft with plastic wings on it.

Smurfe :)
LOL, It ain't hard to tell where I get my stuff from. I get 99% of my stuff at


You won't find better customer service. Yeah, others may have lower prices on a few things but overall, this is the best place I ever bought from. George, the owner stands behind every product 200%. Heck, just yesterday I read on the forums there where a member bought a kit and it was missing a few of the ingredient packets. She went to her retailer who refused to take care of the issue and instead offered to sell her the products and she would have to measure them out (Must of been K-Meta and Sorbate). When George saw this he sent her, at his expense the packets so she could complete her kit. Guess where she will shop from now on?

I had an issue with my floor corker once and placed a post on the forum asking anyone if they ever had problems wit theirs. A few days later a new corker arrived on my doorstep with a return shipping label for my old corker. I didn't even ask or complain about the product to him. One member didn't sanitize his equipment correctly once and got a bacterial contamination. George replaced his kit (after a review of cleaning and sanitation of course) and kept another person happy. OK, enough preaching here. I know there are other places out there that are great but I thought I would throw my comments in there. Anyone who just don't know for sure where to buy from, you have a definite recommendation from me on where to go.

Smurfe :)

Check out this reply to one of my posts on WinePress from Tim Vandergrift, the wine kit guru from Wine Expert. That is a nice confirmation of George's customer service levels.

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Ok check my favorite reseller :D


Their site in in all languages and this is really brewers heaven.
They have everything in stock starting at 10 gram yeast packages to complete 800
bottles an hour filling systems.

They are about 160 miles from Rotterdam where I live but I visit them 2 times pro year at least :D

A family owned business and really nice people :)

Maybe we could start a sticky thread about member recommended suppliers? What you all think?

Smurfe :)
I emailed the manufacturer to see if they would cover it under warranty and replace it with the metal shaft ones if they still make them. (s mix-stir a brand name?) If not I'll get one from George.

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