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Sep 5, 2016
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I have been making grape wine for many years. I have made wine for grapes, wine kits, and vineyard produced juices. I just started a Chardonay and a Pinot Grigio from 6 gallon buckets of California juice. After I allowed the juice to warm (they were quite cold from refrigeration) I checked the spec gravity, added bentonite, and pitched the yeast (Lalvin D47). The juices were both similar in color to apple juice. Once fermentation started the Pinot Grigio has taken a pink tone, like pink lemonade. This has never happened to me before. Both are in full boil on day two of fermentation and everything appears normal except the color transformation. Has anyone else ever had the occur?
I recently did a PG from grapes that took on a brownish hue once it started fermenting, but not pinkish. In the end, once it degassed and cleared, the wine was a beautiful golden color you would expect. My guess is that it will recover it color once you start clearing.
Thank you John. I hope it takes it's usual hue once it gets to the final stage. I have made multiple Pinot Grigio vintages from juice and have never had it turn pink ever. There is absolutely nothing I have done differently with this batch than I have done before.