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Feb 21, 2010
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Hi firstly,is pectolase known in some other form.?lv been and brought a few chemicals and alike,these being Super wine Yeast compound,is this the yeast l need for peach/plum wine.?Stabalising powder,whats this for.?Were is the most economical place to buy other things l could need

Regards Wizz
Pectolase is also called pectic enzyme and its used to break down the cellular structure of a fruit to extract more flavor and color for your wine. It will also rid your wine of a haze that is caused by the pectin in the fruit. I dont know exactly what a Super wine yeast compound is and some of those super yeasts are not good. Im thinking you are talking about Turbo yeast and people use this for distilling purposes mostly. It really leaves a nasty taste in the wine that even distilling it cant remove sometimes so I dont advise this stuff to anyone, even distillers. Stabilizing powder is Potassium sorbate which stops the yeast cells from multiplying any more so that yourwine cant start fermen ting any more when more sugar is added but the wine must have stopped fermnting first and sulfites must also be used to stun the yeast that is stil in your wine. Here is a good link for buying stuff on the internet but if you include you location in your user profile many can help you locate a place locally so you can save on shipping.

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