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Oct 27, 2008
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I started a Inland Mist Wildberry Shiraz kit today. The direction said the SG was suppose to be between 1048 & 1052.. Mine is 1040 [my temp is at 72]
Is it ok to go ahead & add the yeast??
Did you stir it up well before taking the sg reading? If you didn't, the concentrate may sit at the bottom and not mix well.

Yeah, I would add the yeast.

yes I stirred it.. After I read the SG I stirred it again, waited a few minutes then took another SG reading = was the same 1040!
Will this changed anything other then the alcohol content??
You probably have an inaccurate primary bucket as most of them are off a little and added a tadmore water. You can add a little sugar to bring it back up if you want. I typically add 4 lbs of sugar to these kits to bring the finished abv up to around 10 1/2 -11 and it works awesome but beware this voids the warranty.
You know Wade..
I was just thinking I bet I added a bit more water then I should have.. And would adding more hot water in the beginning then normal matter??
With that small difference not really but those kits are very low in abv already so lowering it even more will shorten its shelf life a little more.
[will shorten its shelf life a little more.]

How much shelf life are we talking about?? A year or so or many many years??
This wine will not last a fw ears due its very low abv. I give it 1 1/2 years tops and thats it. This kind of kit is made to be anearly drinker basically as soon as the wine is clear.
Cool because this is exactly how I/we drink it... ;)
I hope the same is for Welch's concentrate juice wine because it is treated the same way???.. :eek:

This has become my FAVORITE site!!!! :cool:

I suggest that the next time the fermenter is empty that you measure 23 litres (6 US gallons) of water into it, and mark the level on the outsides. Then you have a target when starting a kit.

Or you could buy a good quality 23 litre kit (spagnols Bolero or Premier Cru, or Vineco Vinterra, or Mosti Mondiale whatever), pour it into your primary, and then mark the level.

[measure 23 litres (6 US gallons) of water into]

This is on the directions but silly me did NOT do that so I will take your advice..
I had to laugh here at myself because I have in the past told my hubby about not doing things by the directions!!!!!!!! Dang = hate when this comes back on myself. LOL :eek: