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OMG!!! how cool is that!!! now how do convince DNW to do this for me .......so freaking cool!i luv pupkin beer to YUM!
Just trying to get back on his good side since I really screwed him over the last time! hehehe
If you can get the Dogfish Pumpkin Ale "IT's GOOOD !!!!"
i do...the rehobteth brew pub is just an hour away...food is just so so and over priced but the beer and rum are fan freaking tastic
If you get to Wilmington look up Iron Hill. I think its on the waterfront
is that a brewery as well??? and are u gonna be my DD cuz i cant afford a taxi back to felton LMAO!!!!

seriously tho i CAN meet up there! maybe we can do a meet up there next time... bring some of that pumpkin ale :D and ill bring some peach LOL .....if theres any left im going though it at a nice clip LOL!
Yes, its a chain of brew pubs. They have a HUGE selection.
How far from wilmington R U ?
hour and a half , so not to bad. my brew store is around the corner from wilminton so it would be a good trip! i always visit How Do You Brew in newark when i hit up north
I dont. I'm about 50 min north in NJ near Burlington NJ