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Jun 11, 2009
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ok i added blueberry and small amount of chocolate honey as an fpac to wine, i simmered the berry and stirred in the chocolate honey, i added the fpac after the sorbate and k meta, then racked to glass carboy then added clering stuff i had supplied with the kit, and then after a good stir i let it sit pretty, that was sunday, today is thurs evenin, i have noticed that every evening there is small spots of what i describe as grey cloudy stuff appering around the top of the bottle, after i give it a twirl it dissapears every time but it did not happen last time i made a kit, its only my second time making wine. i threw in the chocolate honey as a bit of a sweetner, hope it was not a mistake. also my first sg reading was 1077 and then after second ferment it was 994, then after i added the stuff the other night it was 998, will this be the final sg read, is it a bit low?? i wanted something about 13% 14% . thanks people . your help is always good.

First, what kit are we talking about? It is ALWAYS useful to provide this info.

Second, 1.077 - .994 = approx 11% alcohol. Adding sweeteners increases the sg but doesn't remove alcohol. 1.077 seems low for the starting sg. But need to kmow the kit.

Third, how well degassed was the wine before adding your sweeteners? CO2 has been known to lift light sediment to the surface.

Was it a grapeskin kit? What exact kit?

If you did a Cellar Craft kit, all of my grapskin Cellar Craft reds have that same white cloudy spots that appear on the surface during secondary. They provide an enzyme that helps but some residue still appears.

Also, if you did a grapeskin kit, the starting SG was probably a lot higher, but not able to be measured right away as there is a lot of sugar in the grapeskins that will be in the bag with the skins and take hours or a day or so to dissolve out.
more detail

i am doing a 5 week cellar craft cab sav, its a 23 litre or 30 bottle kit, there was no bubbling after secondary ferment , if thats waht you meant, i poured into plastic carboy when mixing things up an gave it a good twirl and mix so i thought it was well degassed but now that you mention it as well as the grey spots there is a light sedament right at the top of the bottle.
should i just leave the spots or keep mixing lightly. as i said they dissapear if i twirl the bottle,? will my final result be 11 % , i was hopin for higher.
Did you add sulfites and the sorbate before adding this stuff/ Im thinking cpfan is correct or if you didnt add these 2 chemicals then its also possible that you have slight fermentation making C02 again which will suspend anything still floating in your wine.
yea i added everything in the proper order after, sorbate and kmeta and the fpac i added the other two liquid bags separate from each other as specified in directions. as long as there isnt a problem i dont mind the grey stuff but if there is something that needs doin i best do it now i suppose, just don know what.
cheers guys