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Apr 3, 2010
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I am using a pear wine recipe that says that after adding the yeast, primary fermentation should take about a week. We added the yeast starter on the 4th and it was bubbling away happily till this morning. It was pretty still this morning. Smells like alcohol. My initial SG reading before adding the yeast was 1.082. Now the SG reading is 0.998. Has the primary fermentation stopped? It seems like it went pretty quickly.
It looks like your fermentation is done. Don't be too surprised if a fermentation goes quick for you (especially smaller batch ones). It just means the yeast did a nice strong and quick job for you this time.
Yep ready to rack to a carboy to let it finish. I have 3 different batches of Pear aging. You should add a f-[ac and back sweeten as well.
post the recipe..
You cant be sure its done until you take a few sg readings a few days in a row to make sure its still not dropping slowly.
As you can tell I'm a newbie, so thank you so much for your input! The pear recipe I used was from easy-wine dot net. Because I'm such a new member, the website won't let me post the link.
Rack it and let it clear. Wade is right it may still have a little more fermenting to do. Use that hydrometer.

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